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This is what happens when you give a crazy short girl a laptop and the ability to use her freedom of speech.
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I connect to this on a deep level.


Navy embraces e-cigs with introduction of “Vape Decks” on aircraft carriers →


This recent update comes after centuries of changes for smokers, including centralized decks onboard ships for those with an urge to smoke traditional cigarettes. Researchers made sure that there was enough demand and desire for an ‪#‎eliqiud‬ ‪#‎vaping‬ deck before unveiling it in July 2014.

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To whoever read my blog Apartment 38 from tumblr many thanks from me! I am just so happy people are reading my blog!

Enjoying this wonderful sweater and a nice vape :)


Is it possible to be a fan of a fandom?

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Idk I’m bored


My father just returned home from a business trip and my mother told me she was glad he didn’t stay away any longer because she was getting homesick. I laughed and said she wasn’t the one that was traveling and she replied, “Your father is my home. When he’s gone, I get homesick.”

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